Mandatory Provident Fund

Constituent Fund Info / Price History

Constituent Fund Name Currency Unit Price Valuation Date
Fund Fact Sheet
Global Stable Fund HK 20.6791 05/24/2023
Global Growth Fund HK 23.6219 05/24/2023
Guaranteed Fund HK 9.9218 05/24/2023
MPF Conservative Fund HK 11.2143 05/24/2023
Global Equity Fund HK 31.5354 05/24/2023
Global Bond Fund HK 11.565 05/24/2023
Asian Bond Fund HK 25.0251 05/24/2023
Asian Pacific Equity Fund HK 13.7604 05/24/2023
US Equity Fund HK 28.4544 05/24/2023
European Equity Fund HK 12.5227 05/24/2023
Hong Kong Equities Fund HK 11.7268 05/24/2023
Greater China Equity Fund HK 15.7475 05/24/2023
Core Accumulation Fund* HK 12.8975 05/24/2023
Age 65 Plus Fund* HK 10.6461 05/24/2023

*DIS Constituent Funds


1. The above constituent fund prices are also published in both The South China Morning Post and The Hong Kong Economic Times.
2. With effect from April 17, 2023, Asian Balanced Fund has been restructured from a mixed assets fund to a bond fund and renamed to Asian Bond Fund. The Fund Fact Sheet for Asian Bond Fund will be available from June 2023.

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