A brighter future within reach 

A wealth-management solution offering stable returns helps achieve your goals and secure a better future. Guaranteed Return Saver provides guaranteed returns and protection to help build your wealth, so that your dream can be realized as easy as a breeze.

2-year Short Start Term
Guaranteed Returns
Death Benefit Guaranteeing Refund of Capital

Get started right away with a short premium payment term of 2 years. Best of all, you can prepay the premium for the second year at the outset and earn a guaranteed interest rate of 12% p.a. for the first year1.


1 The balance of the PDA (if any) can only be withdrawn in full. In case of withdrawal of the balance from the PDA or termination of the Policy due to surrender, end of Grace Period or Policy Debt exceeding the Guaranteed Cash Value, an amount equal to 3% of the balance of the PDA (if any) will be charged and any interest on the balance of the PDA in such policy year will be forfeited. 97% of the balance of the PDA (if any) will be returned.

On the 5th policy anniversary, a guaranteed cash value of up to 124.63%2 of total premiums paid will be available. You may opt to receive the savings in a lump sum or by monthly payments to cater for your financial needs.


2 The highest Guaranteed Cash Value is 124.63% of total premiums paid, and is applicable to prepayment policies.

In the unfortunate event of the death of the Insured, 
Option 1: (i) 105% of total premiums paid3 or (ii) Guaranteed Cash Value, whichever is higher4, will be paid to the designated beneficiary. 

Option 2: If the amount of the Death Benefit is less than the Cash Value as at the Benefit Expiry Date, the designated beneficiary may opt to defer receiving the Death Benefit till policy maturity. The benefit will be equal to the Guaranteed Cash Value upon maturity5.


3 Excluding the Annual Premium of a Basic Plan that had been reduced (i.e., partial surrender) or any prepaid premium.
4 The payment includes the prepaid premium plus interest (if applicable), net of policy debt (if any).
5 Applicable if the premiums have been fully paid on the day the Insured passes away, with no policy debt or withdrawal of prepaid premium.
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Age 0-70
Benefit Term
Benefit Term
5 years
Premium Payment Term
Premium Payment Term
Lump Sum Payment / 2 years

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