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With higher potential returns on your savings and helping you to build and grow your wealth, InfinityEnrich Wealth Builder lets you explore life’s every possibility.

Short Start Term
Professional Global Investment
Higher Potential Returns
Flexible Funding
Build Cross-generational Wealth
Worry-free Protections
  • The plan offers a short premium payment term of two years
  • You can prepay the premium for the second year at the outset and earn interest1 for the first year
1. The interest rate on prepaid premiums is not guaranteed and will be determined by the Company from time to time.
  • The plan is managed by a professional investment team
  • The multi-asset portfolio is diversified by geographical region and industry across economic cycles
  • The plan provides you a Guaranteed Cash Value, a non-guaranteed Terminal Bonus, and a Terminal Bonus Lock-in Option2
  • Cash Value3 = Guaranteed Cash Value + Terminal Bonus4 + Accumulated Dividends and Interest5 (if any)

2. After the policy has been in force for 15 years, and within 30 days after each policy anniversary, you may submit a written request to exercise the Terminal Bonus Lock-in Option. The Lock-in Percentage for each conversion cannot be less than 5% and the aggregate Lock-in Percentage cannot exceed 60%. The conversion of Terminal Bonus cannot be reversed once the Lock-In Option is exercised. Subject to prevailing administrative rules. After the Terminal Bonus Lock-in Option is exercised, the Terminal Bonus will be reduced by the amount of Terminal Bonus converted and the amount of any future Terminal Bonus will be adjusted at a rate to be determined by us based on the Terminal Bonus which have been converted.
3. Net of any policy debt.
4. If the policy is terminated due to the death of the Insured and the Death Benefit paid is equal to 100% of total Annual Premium paid excluding prepaid premium (if applicable) plus Accumulated Dividends and Interest (if any) less policy debt (if any), the Terminal Bonus will not be payable. The Terminal Bonus does not form a permanent addition to the Policy. The amount of declared Terminal Bonus may be increased or decreased at subsequent declarations by the Company and therefore is not guaranteed.
5. The accumulated interest rate for Accumulated Dividends is not guaranteed and will be determined by the Company from time to time.

  • Accumulated Dividends withdrawals
  • The issue age of the Insured is up to 80
  • Allows change of Policy Owner and / or the Insured6 so as to pass on accumulated wealth to future generations

6. Applicable after the first policy year and there shall be at least one year between two changes of Insured. There must be insurable interest between the new Insured and the Policy Owner. The attained age of the new Insured on the effective date of Change of Insured must not exceed age of 80. The Company reserves the right of satisfactory evidence of insurability to be submitted. Any supplementary benefits originally attached to the policy will be terminated after the Change of Insured. Please refer to the terms and conditions for the details of Changing the Insured.

  • Death Benefit7 Payment Options: the Policy Owner may give advance instructions to pay the Death Benefit to the beneficiary in monthly payments, instead of a lump-sum payment
  • Additional Accidental Death Benefit8 equivalent to 100% of total Annual Premium paid9

7. The Death Benefit is applicable when the policy remains in force. The amount payable includes prepaid premium (if applicable) and is net of any policy debt.
8. Applicable if the Insured passes away as a result of an accident within the first 15 policy years or before the Insured attains age 80, whichever is earlier. It does not include any Annual Premium of Basic Plan that had been reduced (i.e., partial surrender). Maximum benefit amount from Accidental Death Benefit of all policies of InfinityEnrich Wealth Builder and Infinity Wealth Builder series under the same Insured with the Company is limited to US$150,000 or equivalent. Applicable when the Insured dies resulting directly and independently of all other causes from accidental bodily injury. Under no circumstances shall the Accidental Death Benefit payment be made more than once, regardless of how many Insureds under the policy die from accidental bodily injury.
9. The total Annual Premium paid is calculated based on the Annual Premium of Basic Plan. It does not include any Annual Premium of Basic Plan that had been reduced (i.e., partial surrender) or prepaid premium.

Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Age 0-80
Benefit Term
Benefit Term
Whole of life
2 years

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