Whether you want to increase substantially the protection of your basic plan or simply look for an affordable insurance program, Convertible Term Insurance will prove to be one of your best choices.

An ideal insurance vehicle for securing the future of your loved ones and protecting your mortgage, as well as for insuring lines of credits, for a specific period of time. 

High Protection at Low Cost
Flexible Protection Period
Guaranteed Convertibility Permanent Protection
  • Offers sound insurance coverage at extremely attractive rates
  • Premiums are guaranteed to remain at their remarkably low level, once your coverage becomes effective
  • Provides the advantage of flexible protection periods ranging from 10 years up to age 75
  • Flexibility to convert the term insurance to a complete range of life policies that give you permanent protection and promising returns
  • Makes changes at any time up to age 60, with no medical examination required
Benefit Term
Benefit Term

Up to age 65/75 or 10 years

Premium Payment Term
Premium Payment Term

Up to age 65/75 or 10 years

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