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Important Notes:

  1. The MASS Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme (“Scheme”) is a mandatory provident fund (“MPF”) scheme.
  2. Investment involves risks and not all investment choice available under the Scheme would be suitable for everyone. There is no assurance on investment returns and your investments/accrued benefits may suffer significant loss.
  3. You should consider your own risk tolerance level and financial circumstances before making any investment choices. When, in your selection of constituent funds, you are in doubt as to whether a certain constituent fund is suitable for you (including whether it is consistent with your investment objectives), you should seek financial and/or professional advice and choose the constituent fund(s) most suitable for you taking into account your circumstances. In the event that you do not make any investment choices, please be reminded that your contributions made and/or benefits transferred into the Scheme will be invested according to the Default Investment Strategy as stated in Clause 6 of this MPF Scheme Brochure, and such arrangement may not necessarily be suitable for you.
  4. The Guaranteed Fund under the Scheme invests solely in an underlying approved pooled investment fund in the form of insurance policy provided by YF Life Insurance International Ltd. The guarantee is also given by YF Life Insurance International Ltd.  Your investments in the Guaranteed Fund, if any, are therefore subject to the credit risks of YF Life Insurance International Ltd. The guarantee will only be provided by YF Life Insurance International Ltd. if and when a Scheme member withdraws accrued benefits as a result of any one of the following qualifying events: a) attainment of normal retirement age; b) attainment of early retirement age; c) death or d) total incapacity.  Please refer to Clauses 3.1.1 and 8.3.2 of this MPF Scheme Brochure for details of the credit risk, guarantee features and guarantee conditions.
  5. Fees and charges of an MPF Conservative Fund can be deducted from either (i) the assets of the MPF Conservative Fund and its underlying investment fund or (ii) members’ account by way of unit deduction. The MPF Conservative Fund under the Scheme uses method (i) and, therefore, the unit prices/ net asset value/ fund performance quoted have incorporated the impact of fees and charges.
  6. You should not invest based on this website alone. For further details including the product features and risks involved, please refer to the relevant clauses, in particular Clause 3, of this MPF Scheme Brochure.
  7. The risk level mentioned in Clause 3 of the MPF Scheme Brochure is for reference only and is not a substitute for independent professional advice. The risk level of each constituent fund is determined by the Trustees based on the percentage of Scheme assets of the relevant constituent funds being invested in equities and subject to regular review by the Trustees, and may change without any prior notice. The risk level is not a financial tool and must not be relied upon to make any investment decisions and selection of constituent funds.

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