Employee Benefits

General Exclusions and Limitation

General Exclusions:  

YF Life shall not pay expenses incurred as a result of : 

  1. Injuries sustained due to insanity or self-infliction.
  2. Functional disorders of the mind.
  3. Participation in illegal act.
  4. Congenital deformities or anomalies.
  5. Refractive error of eyes, fitting of glasses.
  6. Vaccination or immunization injection.
  7. Drug addiction, alcoholism or any sickness arising therefrom.
  8. Cosmetic or plastic surgery for beautification purposes.
  9. Dental or oral treatment, surgery or gingivitis except dental operation on injury sustained in an accident.
  10. General physical or medical check-up; any physiotherapy unless recommended by a Registered Medical Practitioner.
  11. Pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, birth control, sterilization or any complications arising therefrom.
  12. Treatment of AIDS (Acquired Immunization Deficiency Syndrome) or AIDS related complex or sexual transmitted disease.
  13. Pre-existing conditions for which the Member received medical treatment, during the 90 days preceding the commencement date of his/her coverage.



Reasonable and Customary Charge: No benefit shall be paid for charges in excess of the general level of charges being made by other providers of similar standing in the locality where the charges are incurred, when providing like or comparable treatment, services or supplies for a similar Sickness or Injury.


The above information is for reference only. The insurance coverage shall be subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Policy. 

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