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MASS Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme
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Starting from June 26, 2024, the eMPF Platform Company Limited will take up the administration of the Scheme and provide scheme administration services to you via the eMPF Platform, including handling service instructions from employers, scheme members and self-employed persons. Hence, you should submit all scheme administration service instructions / contribution data directly to the eMPF Platform instead of YF Life Trustees Limited, and make contribution on or before Contribution Day. Contribution is considered paid on the date on which it is received by the eMPF Platform or it is credited to the Scheme’s bank account. Late payment will be subject to a surcharge calculated at 5% of the late payment amount. If there is any default contribution, such record will be reported to the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority, therefore, you are advised to submit contribution data and make contribution payment electronically via the eMPF Platform, in order to avoid any delay of contribution payment due to postal delays or clerical errors which results in late contribution subject to surcharge.

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