Cancer is no doubt the biggest threat to our health, but thanks to the advances in medical science, the cure rate has been improving. New developments in diagnosis and treatment of cancer are constantly being introduced. 

Extra Cancer Care offers you all-round protection as it covers Carcinoma-in-situ, Early-stage and Later-stage Cancers. Best of all, the plan not only reimburses the actual medical expenses but also provides extra care and monthly living benefit, to give the support you need so that you can enjoy absolute peace of mind during recovery.

Comprehensive Benefit up to $9,000,000
Extra Cash Benefit
Worldwide Coverage
Lifetime Guaranteed Renewal
Multiple Cancer Benefits
  • Provides the most comprehensive cancer benefit, from diagnostic investigation and medical treatment to ongoing monitoring after treatment
  • Offers a maximum lifetime limit of as much as HK$/MOP9,000,000, with full reimbursement1 of the actual medical expenses for diagnosis and treatment
  • Offers an array of extra care and cash benefits.
  • Please refer to the product factsheet for details.

1. Reimbursement will be based on a "Reasonable and Customary" basis, i.e., treatment and procedures that are Medically Necessary and do not exceed the general level of charges at the location for such treatment and procedure.

  • Hospital Cash: Maximum HK$/MOP1,000 daily; double benefit for Confinement in Intensive Care Unit
  • Monthly Living Benefit2: Maximum HK$/MOP30,000 monthly for up to 12 months

2. Applicable to the first diagnosis of a Later-stage Cancer and while the Insured is still alive.

  • Provides worldwide coverage3 that applies to any Hospital, day case unit of a Hospital, Cancer Clinic worldwide and clinic in Hong Kong/Macau

3. The maximum aggregate benefit payable for Cancer treatment charges incurred in the US including Hospitalization Benefit, Surgical Benefit, Medical Treatment Benefit, as well as the Medical Consultation and Diagnostic Benefit for all Extra Cancer Care and Extra Cancer Benefit issued by the Company under the same Insured will be up to HK$2,000,000 Per Cancer.

  • With a benefit term of up to age 100 of the Insured
  • The annual renewal premium will be adjusted based on the attained age of the Insured and at the premium rate in effect of the same level of benefit at the time of renewal
  • The plan provides comprehensive coverage in case of multiple Cancers.
  • Provided that the period elapsed between the diagnosis dates of the two different Cancers (whether they occur in the same or a different organ) is one year or more, the subsequent Cancer is considered as another Cancer.
  • If the subsequent Cancer is a recurrence or metastasis of the Relevant Preceding Cancer, provided that the period elapsed between the diagnosis dates of the subsequent Cancer and the Relevant Preceding Cancer is five years or more, and the Relevant Preceding Cancer was once in complete remission during such period, the subsequent Cancer is considered as another Cancer.
  • Otherwise, it is considered as a continuation of the Preceding Cancer, i.e., the benefit will be paid under the same Cancer
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)

Age 0-70

Benefit Term
Benefit Term

To Age 100

Premium Payment Term
Premium Payment Term

To Age 100

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