In an age of constant change, the ideal retirement solution would be one that provides you with a steady cash flow, plus the flexibility to make changes

MY Flexi Lifetime Annuity offers a guaranteed annuity, and on top of that it gives you a range of options. With such flexibility, you can manage your future with confidence in spite of uncertainty.

Multiple Currency Options
Stable Wealth Accumulation
Lifetime Annuity Income
Your Loved Ones can Inherit your Wealth
Financial Flexibility
12 Annuity Options
Worry-free Protections
  • Up to 8 policy currencies of your choice
  • Entitled to Currency Exchange Option
  • Interest credited at a compound rate to provide stable returns
  • Up to 2% p.a. guaranteed crediting interest rate
  • Effectively mitigate the financial risk of longevity
  • Pass on all or part of the Cash Value to your descendants
  • Lifetime annuity income for your next generations
  • Greater liquidity
  • Automatic Periodic Withdrawal Option
  • Flexible increase in premium
  • Free to split the policy
  1. Lifetime fixed-income annuity
  2. Lifetime fixed-income annuity - guaranteed refund of Cash Value
  3. Lifetime fixed-income annuity - guaranteed refund of 125% Cash Value
  4. Lifetime increasing-income annuity
  5. Lifetime increasing-income annuity - guaranteed refund of Cash Value
  6. Lifetime fixed-income annuity with 10 years guaranteed payment
  7. Lifetime fixed-income annuity with 15 years guaranteed payment
  8. Lifetime fixed-income annuity with 20 years guaranteed payment
  9. Lifetime fixed-income annuity - joint annuitant
  10. Lifetime fixed-income annuity - joint annuitant and guaranteed refund of Cash Value
  11. Lifetime fixed-income annuity - Critical illness double annuity and guaranteed refund of Cash Value
  12. Lifetime fixed-income annuity – Severe Dementia benefit and guaranteed refund of Cash Value
  • Mental Incapacity Advance Instruction Option
  • Death Benefit – Guaranteeing Refund of Capital
  • Accident Waiver of Premium Benefit
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Age 18 - 75
Benefit Term
Benefit Term
Whole of Life
Premium Payment Term
Premium Payment Term

Regular Premium:
5 to 62 years (issue age plus premium payment term ≤ Age 80)

or Single Premium

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