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Own the future with a difference - by creating an inheritance 

The plan not only offers multiple policy currency exchange, flexible policy-split, bonus lock-in, premium holiday, and various advance instruction options, but also the freedom to convert the cash value into lifetime annuity income. What’s more, by taking out the plan as a way to transfer the accumulated wealth to your loved ones, you can build a legacy of wealth for yourself and your family and share your good fortune across the generations.

Stable Wealth Growth with Higher Potential Returns
Stable Wealth Growth with Higher Potential Returns
Financial Flexibility
Financial Flexibility
Spread Your Wealth Across Generations with Advance Planning
Worry-free Protections
  • In addition to the Guaranteed Cash Value, the plan offers non-guaranteed “Reversionary Bonus” and “Terminal Bonus”, providing to your insurance policy with enhanced potential investment returns
  • A choice of up to 9 policy currencies
  • Currency Exchange Option
  • Policy-split Option
  • 12 Lifetime Annuity Options
  • Bonus Lock-in Option
  • Premium Holiday
  • Flexible Cash Withdrawal
  • Mental Incapacity Advance Instruction Option
  • Policy-split Advance Instruction Option
  • Allows change of the Insured and / or the Policy Owner so as to pass on accumulated wealth to future generations
  • Prior arrangement for the New Policy Owner and New Insured to ensure policy continuation
  • Death Benefit Settlement Options
  • Waiver of Premium Benefit
*Source: 10Life Insurance Comparison Platform. Prosperous Infinity Saver has achieved 5-Star Savings Insurance Award (Education, Retirement and Legacy) in 10Life 5-Star Insurance Award 2024 (As of 15 January 2024). For details, please visit
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
2-year premium-payment term:
Age 0-80
5-year premium-payment term:
Age 0-75
10-year premium-payment term:
Age 0-70
Benefit Term
Benefit Term
Whole of life
Premium Payment Term
Premium Payment Term
2 Years / 5 Years / 10 Years

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