Emergency Assistance

YF Life Platinum Concierge Card
YF Life PLATINUM Concierge Service Hotline:

YF Life Platinum Concierge Card

Worldwide Emergency Assistance Benefits

Services arranged and paid by the service center as necessary:

1. Emergency evacuation (including transfer charges)

2. Hotel room accommodation for convalescence (up to US$750)

3. Compassionate visit (air tickets plus up to US$750 for accommodation)

4. Return of unattended dependent child(ren) to country of residence (including air ticket(s) and fees for escort)

5. Repatriation after treatment (including transfer charges and air ticket)

6. Unexpected return to country of residence (including air ticket)

7. Repatriation of mortal remains/ ashes (including all repatriation charges)

Services arranged by the service center but paid by cardholder:

8. Deposit guarantee for hospital admission (up to US$7,500 and interest free)

9. Dispatch of essential medication and medical equipment

Enquiry and free services offered by the service center:

10. Telephone medical advice, evaluation and referral

11. Medical monitoring

12. Travel assistance

13. Emergency rerouting arrangement

14. Legal assistance

Home Assistance Services (Applicable only in Hong Kong)

1. Arrangement of an electrician

2. Arrangement of a licensed plumber to fix water-supply or sewage problems

3. Locksmith assistance

4. Pest control referral

5. Arrangement of services for electrical appliance problems

6. Lost credit card report

7. House Call/ Dental/ Baby Sitting/ Nurse Referral

8. Domestic helper advice

Concierge Services

1. Worldwide shopping service and gift delivery

2. Hotel and event reservation and information


1. The YF Life PLATINUM Concierge Service is provided by a third-party service provider to persons insured by YF Life Insurance International Ltd. (“YF Life”). YF Life shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of this service, payment to any third parties via this service, the purchase of goods/services, or for the quality of the purchased goods/services.
2. Cardholders who make purchases of goods/services via the YF Life PLATINUM Concierge Service are responsible for the cost of the purchased items/services, delivery charges, acquisition expenses, insurance, tax and cancellation fees.
3. Persons insured with an in-force policy of YF Life are eligible for HELPLINE EXPRESS.
4. The YF Life PLATINUM Concierge Service is provided free-of-charge to cardholders. YF Life reserves the right to terminate the service without prior notice.

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