Financial Planning

Why joining?

3 Key Benefits

  1. Career stability

    Career development is not hampered by office politics, economic environment, staff lay-offs and salary freezes

  2. Earnings depend only on individual performance

    Earnings and career advancement are 100% controlled by yourself

  3. Independence and autonomy

    Working hours, workplace and service targets are all up to you.

3 Key Considerations

  1. Learn to interact with people

    Meeting people is fundamental for the financial-planning career, where there is always the chance of being rejected

  2. Unbalanced distribution of income

    The 80/20 rule is applicable to financial-planning industry: 80% of the income is earned by the top 20% consultants, because top performers are always more persistent.

  3. Self-discipline and working attitude

    The working hours in the financial-planning industry, which are decided by the individual, are more flexible than in other industries. As a result, discipline in working habits and attitude is the crucial factor for being successful in this industry

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