Emergency Assistance

The Emergency Assistance Benefits are issued by Europ Assistance Hong Kong Limited (EA) in consideration of your participation in the Group Medical Scheme of YF Life Insurance International Ltd. Emergency Assistance provided to Insured Members when traveling outside his/her country of residence.

Travel Assistance

  1. Pre-trip Information
  2. Embassy Referral
  3. Lost Luggage/Passport Assistance
  4. Legal and Travel Assistance
  5. Emergency Re-routing Arrangements

Medical Assistance

  1. Telephone Medical Attention, Advice and Evacuation
  2. Dispatch of Essential Medication and Medical Equipment
  3. Arrangement for Appointments with Doctors
  4. Arrangement for Hospital Admission
  5. Monitoring of Medical Condition During Hospitalization
  6. Advance of Hospital Admittance Deposit During Hospitalization

Evacuation and Repatriation Services

  1. Arrangement and Payment for Emergency Medical Evacuation
  2. Arrangement and Payment for Emergency Medical Repatriation to the Country of Residence or to available hospitals at nearest location
  3. Arrangement and Payment for Repatriation of Mortal Remains from the place of death to Country of Residence

Others Assistance

  1. Compassionate Visit if Insured Member is hospitalized
  2. Arrangement for the return of Unattended Dependent Children
  3. Arrangement for a necessary return in the event of the death of Insured Member's Close Relative
  4. House Call/Dental/Baby Sitting/Nurse Referral
  5. Hotel Accommodation for Convalescence after discharge from hospital

Optional Service

PRC Hospital Admission Guarantee

  1. Arrangement to the nearest Hospital under the appointed China Hospitals Network. Simply call EA’s Alarm Centre at (852) 2851 1990 for assistance, or present your YF Life Medical Card to the Network Hospital for admission.
  2. Provide guarantee for the required admission deposit by hospital

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