Hospitalization and Surgical Benefit

YF Life offers you total peace of mind by offering a broad array of coverage reimbursing hospital expenses resulting from disability or sickness as recommended by a physician.

Basic Hospitalization Benefits include: 

  • Room and Board
  • Hospital Services Expenses
  • In-Hospital Doctor's Call
  • Surgical Benefit
  • Anaesthetist's Fee
  • Operating Theatre Fee
  • Additional Benefits for Accident
  • Post-surgery Out-patient Benefit
  • Cancer Treatment/Renal Dialysis
  • Hospital Income for Double Benefit

In addition to the above benefits items, we also provide customized benefits scheme to suit individual medical needs, offering total flexibility.


Supplementary Major Medical Benefits (SMM)

We protect you from potentially high hospital expenses. If the claim amount in the basic Hospital and Surgical Benefit exceeds the relevant benefit limit, SMM offer extra coverage, giving you absolute peace of mind.

Extended Major Medical Benefits (EMM)

As an extra protection for long period treatment, EMM starts on the 32nd day of hospital stay or when the employee has to undergo a complicated surgical operation.

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