Scheme Highlights

In order to meet the needs of Macau private enterprises in providing retirement protection to their employees, YF Life Insurance International Ltd. (YF Life) is pleased to introduce the "YF Life Macau Pension Scheme".

This scheme has been approved by and registered with AMCM. By joining this scheme, employers are not only able to maintain quality staff, elevate staff morale as well as promote their corporate image, but also can enjoy tax benefits. Employees will also get a tax-free retirement fund, which enhances the living protection for themselves and their families.

This scheme pools the scheme assets of various enterprises and invests them in global markets for the purpose of achieving best investment returns. Together with excellent performance of fund management support from Allianz Global Investors Asia Pacific Limited, we assure to assist customers to grasp the effective investment strategies for ensuring a comprehensive protection of retirement life to the employees.

Further, YF Life has solid experience in management of retirement funds and Mandatory Provident Fund in Hong Kong. So, we assure that we can offer a cost-effective pension scheme as well as fast-track registration procedures to the employers.

Investment Strategies

YF Life Macau Pension Scheme is an innovative pension scheme specially tailored to the Macau market. The scheme offers four funds, namely "YF Life Capital Conservative Fund", "YF Life Global Stable Fund", "YF Life Global Balanced Fund" and "YF Life Global Growth Fund", which aim at achieving ideal returns to the scheme members.

Quality Services

YF Life owns an experienced professional team in management of retirement funds. With the support of advanced computer administration system, which can provide quality administrative support to the employers.

Best of all, we offer comprehensive services, from plan structuring to registration, from employer and employee benefits calculation to payments, as well as the preparation of annual benefits statements, etc.

YF Life also provides cutting-edge online services around the clock, enabling employers and employees to view payment records, fund balances, and fund prices as well as download various forms, etc.

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