Investment Choice/Performance

Global Equity Fund MS

Risk Level
Low High

The risk level, shown in this website, is for reference only and subject to regular review. The risk level of each investment choice is determined by the Company according to the historical volatility of the underlying fund, or where appropriates, the historical volatility of a comparable market index.

Name of Corresponding Underlying Fund
Invesco Funds - Invesco Global Equity Income Fund

Name of Management Company/Fund Manager of Underlying Fund
Invesco Management S.A.

Share Class of Underlying Fund
A Accumulation

Currency of Investment Choice

Currency of Underlying Fund

Note to Investors

The frequency of investment choice valuation will be not less than monthly. Currently, the investment choices are valued on a daily basis, i.e., Monday to Friday except public holidays. The net asset value of an investment choice is based on the market value of the assets of the investment choice, including all income accrued to the investment choice, less any liabilities and expenses incurred in administering the investment choice. The Company reserves the right to suspend or defer valuation of any investment choices at its sole discretion under circumstances beyond our control (including but not limited to typhoon, black rainstorm warning, breakdown of means of communication and military events) which suspension or deferment is necessary.

In addition to the Investment Management Fee (1.5% per annum on net asset value), a Bid-Offer Spread of 5% is currently applicable to the investment choices and is directly reflected in the investment unit prices. The Bid Price is the price that the Company pays when units are redeemed. The Bid Price is determined by dividing the net asset value by the total number of units for the investment choice on the valuation date. The Offer Price is the price at which you subscribe to the units. The Offer Price will be the Bid Price divided by one minus the Bid-Offer Spread.

To align your investment at any time with greater flexibility, you may switch and/or reallocate your investment choice(s) to other available investment choice(s) provided by the policy. The current Investment Switching Charge of discounted bid-offer spread of 1% is directly reflected in the investment unit prices.

The Company reserves the right to vary this charge subject to prior written notice in compliance with the regulations in the place (Hong Kong/Macau) of issuance. Please contact the Company for any updated information of the charges.

Important Information

All consultants of YF Life Insurance International Ltd. are prohibited from providing customers or potential customers with investment advice of any kind, including but not limited to investment-choice selection and allocation. Customers should make investment decisions and bear the risks independently.

Investment involves risks. The unit price of investment choices may go down as well as up. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. For details of the investment-linked insurance products, including charges and risk factors, and the relevant charges of the investment choices, please refer to their offering documents.

For details of the underlying funds, please refer to the offering documents of the respective underlying funds, which are available from the Company upon request and at the Company’s website.

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