Coping with the permanent loss of one's earning powers is never easy

During the difficult period, Total & Permanent Disability Benefit is vital to the financial security of every wage-earner. 

Extra Cash for Disability
Extent of Cover
  • This benefit provides extended coverage with an advance on your death benefit, 20% of which will be paid six months after the commencement of disability
  • Should you suffer prolonged disability for more than 18 months, the remaining 80% of your death benefit will be advanced to you as well
  • This benefit covers the occurrence of any one of the following; in which case the benefit will be paid immediately

- Loss of sight of both eyes; 

- Loss of any two limbs; or 

- Loss of sight of one eye and one limb 

Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)

Age 18 - 55

Benefit Term
Benefit Term

Up to Age 65 / 10 Years

Premium Payment Term
Premium Payment Term

Same as Basic Plan / Every Year / Every 5 Years / up to Age 65 / 10 Years

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