The number of hospitalizations due to critical illnesses has shown a steadily increasing trend, and critical illnesses are now striking many people at a much younger age.

YF Life's PrimeHealth Extra Care is an insurance solution that bundles critical illness and life protection, as well as savings into a single policy. The plan allows multiple claims for common illnesses, such as Cancers, this is no doubt the prime choice for safeguarding not only your health, but also your wealth.

Coverage of 116 illnesses
Whole Life Protection up to Age 100
Guaranteed Refund of Premiums
Multiple Cancer Benefit
Extra Life Protections
Extra Medical Support
  • Basic Sum Insured + Non-guaranteed “Terminal Bonus”
  • Premium-payment-terms of 10 years, 15 years and 20 years only
  • Up to 100% refund of premiums upon policy surrender
  • Plus non-guaranteed “Terminal Bonus”
  • Total benefit up to 300% of Basic Sum Insured
  • Benefit will be paid provided that the period elapsed between the diagnosis dates is three years or more
  • Life protection 
  • Extension of Life Protection
  • Second medical opinion provided by US medical specialists
  • Quality treatment referrals in the USA
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)

10 years Premium Payment Term:
Age 0-65

15 years Premium Payment Term:
Age 0-60 

20 years Premium Payment Term:
Age 0-55

Benefit Term
Benefit Term

To Age 100

Premium Payment Term
Premium Payment Term

10/15/20 Years

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