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Multiple Illnesses Benefit    Multiple Critical Illness Claim Payments

PrimeHealth Pro / PrimeHealth Jr. Care cover up to 148 critical illnesses and offer 4 additional claim payments for Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke which are with higher recurrence risks.   The plans also provide extra cash benefits for critical illnesses to safeguard the health of you and your loved ones. PrimeHealth Jr. Care even lets you prepare for the future by extending the benefits to your soon-to-be-born baby. The future really does lie within your reach.

Coverage of 148 Critical Illnesses
Coverage of 148 Critical Illnesses
Multiple Critical Illness Claim Payments
Multiple Critical Illness Claim Payments
Dual Reassurances
Dual Reassurances
Extended Protections
Extended Protections
Optional Supplementary Benefits
Optional Supplementary Benefits
  • Coverage includes: Severe Psychiatric Illness, ICU protection, etc.
  • Common eye diseases: Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration / Early Onset of Cataract
  • Severe Child Diseases: Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism, Severe Asthma, etc.
  • 4 additional claim payments for Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke
  • Cash Benefit for Continuous Cancer + Cash Benefit for Heart Attack and Stroke
  • Cash Value
  • Waiver of Premiums
  • Sperm / Oocyte Cryopreservation Benefit [First in HK & Macau1]
  • Critical Illnesses due to congenital conditions
  • Care2Share Extra Benefit
  • Pregnancy benefit2

1. Based on the similar types of plan in the Hong Kong and Macau market, as of the publishing date of this page in November 2021.
2. Applicable to PrimeHealth Jr. Care only.

  • Optional Extra Cancer Cash Benefit
  • Optional supplementary “Payor’s Benefit”
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)

PrimeHealth Pro:

10 years Premium Payment Term:
Age 0-70

15 years Premium Payment Term:
Age 0-65

20 years Premium Payment Term:
Age 0-60

25 years Premium Payment Term:
Age 0-55

PrimeHealth Jr. Care:

Gestation period from 22nd week and prior to the birth of the child (Mother must be aged 18 to 45)

Benefit Term
Benefit Term

PrimeHealth Pro: Up to age 100

PrimeHealth Jr. Care: Up to age 99

Premium Payment Term
Premium Payment Term
10 / 15 / 20 / 25 Years

What is a Critical Illness Insurance Plan?

A critical illness insurance plan serves as a health safety net. If the insured is diagnosed with a critical illness covered by the plan, a lump-sum benefit will be paid, so that the insured can receive timely and appropriate medical treatment. It can also cover loss of income.

Critical illness insurance provides protections covering major critical illnesses, early-stage diseases, carcinoma in-situ/early stage cancers, and severe child diseases. More comprehensive plans also allow multiple claims, covering diseases with a higher rate of recurrence, such as strokes, heart disease and cancer. In addition, extended benefits will be provided, such as congenital illness protection, international medical network, etc. There are also plans that will pay out the accumulated cash value upon policy surrender after a designated policy anniversary.

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