Emergency Assistance

YF Life Policy Card

YF Life Policy Card

Worldwide Emergency Assistance Benefits

1. Travel assistance

2. Tracing and retrieval of lost luggage

3. Legal assistance

4. Emergency rerouting arrangement

5. Arrangement of return to country of residence at short notice

6. Medical attention, telephone medical advice, evaluation and referral appointment

7. Emergency evacuation arrangement

8. Arrangement for repatriation after treatment

9. Dispatch of essential medication and medical equipment

10. Medical monitoring

11. Compassionate visit arrangement

12. Return of unattended dependent child(ren) to country of residence

13. Arrangement of hotel accommodation for convalescence

14. Repatriation of mortal remains/ ashes arrangement

Home Assistance Services (Applicable only in Hong Kong)

1. Arrangement of an electrician

2. Arrangement of a licensed plumber to fix water-supply or sewage problems

3. Locksmith assistance

4. Pest control referral

5. Arrangement of services for electrical appliance problems

6. Lost credit card report

7. House Call/ Dental/ Baby Sitting/ Nurse Referral

8. Domestic helper advice

1. Persons insured with an in-force policy of YF Life are eligible for HELPLINE EXPRESS.
2. HELPLINE EXPRESS is a referral service only and is provided by a third-party service provider to persons insured by YF Life Insurance International Ltd. (“YF Life”). The actual fees for services rendered should be borne by the user.
3. Policies such as hospital and surgical benefits already incorporate the Worldwide Emergency Assistance Benefit scheme, of which 7 out of 14 benefits are arranged and paid for by the service provider. In addition, services also include “Deposit Guarantee for Hospital Admission”. For details, please refer to the Policy Provisions.
4. The use of HELPLINE EXPRESS and its card is governed by the Terms and Conditions of the HELPLINE EXPRESS Provisions issued by YF Life Insurance International Ltd., and a third-party service provider to persons insured by YF Life Insurance International Ltd. (“YF Life”).
5. YF Life Insurance International Ltd. reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions, and terminate this HELPLINE EXPRESS Service without prior notice.

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