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"FLEXI-Series" investment-linked insurance plans (including FLEXI-Annuity Investment Plan, FLEXI-Education InvestPlan and FLEXI-Invest Insurance Plan) are not available to new policy application

Select the individual Investment Choice Name to view the risk level/investment objective and strategy of investment choice.

Performance Report

Code Investment Choice Name Underlying Fund
BPBO Global Bond Fund BP Franklin Templeton Investment Funds - Templeton Global Bond Fund
BPEA Equity Asia ex-Japan Fund BP BNP Paribas Funds Sustainable Asia ex-Japan Equity
BPEC Equity China Fund BP BNP Paribas Funds China Equity
BPEE Equity Emerging Fund BP BNP Paribas Funds Emerging Equity
BPEQ Global Equity Fund BP BNP Paribas Funds Global Low Vol Equity
BPER Energy Transition Fund BP BNP Paribas Funds Energy Transition
BPUD US Dollar Cash Fund BP JPMorgan Funds - USD Money Market VNAV Fund
MSBO Global Bond Fund MS Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Bond Fund
MSEQ Global Equity Fund MS Invesco Funds - Invesco Global Equity Income Fund

Important Information

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Investment involves risks. The unit price of investment choices may go down as well as up. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. For details of the investment-linked insurance products, including charges and risk factors, and the relevant charges of the investment choices, please refer to their offering documents.

For details of the underlying funds, please refer to the offering documents of the respective underlying funds, which are available from the Company upon request and at the Company’s website.

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