YF Life Launches “LifeDeluxe Insurance Plan” and “LifeDeluxe for Future”
Incorporating First “Chronic Disease Management – Coverage for Diabetes” in Hong Kong and Macau Enjoy up to 10% Annualized Premium Discount

July 18, 2022

YF Life has announced the launch of its all-new life insurance plans: “LifeDeluxe Insurance Plan” and “LifeDeluxe for Future”. Improving on traditional life insurance plans, the plans also offer the market-first1 “Chronic Disease Management – Coverage for Diabetes”, providing even more comprehensive protection for customers.

Ms. Jasmine Hui, Head of Product Strategy and Pricing at YF Life, said, “According to the findings of the ‘Mortality Protection Gap Study’ announced by the Insurance Authority in 2021, the average mortality protection gap in Hong Kong is estimated to be HK$1.9 million for each working adult, which represents a hidden concern in terms of risk management. In light of this, we are launching ‘LifeDeluxe Insurance Plan’ that provides guaranteed lifelong protection for customers and their loved ones. The plan also offers Guaranteed Cash Value, non-guaranteed Annual Dividend, and Terminal Bonus. Thanks to the ‘snowball effect’, the projected Cash Value continues to accumulate, such that the projected total internal rate of return (IRR) can be as high as 5.7%2. Meanwhile, diabetes has become a common chronic disease nowadays. According to Hospital Authority statistics, about one in every 10 people suffers from diabetes. For people over 65, one in every five people has diabetes. With our understanding of the needs of customers, we have designed the plan to incorporate the market-first1 Chronic Disease Management – Coverage for Diabetes, providing Cash Benefit for Diabetes3. In the unfortunate event of being diagnosed with complications due to diabetes, including diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, and amputation of foot, the plan will provide a Benefit for Diabetic Complications3 of up to 20% of Sum Insured. In addition, we are launching ‘LifeDeluxe for Future,’ a plan specially tailored for children, and the most thoughtful gift that parents could ever give their children.”

“LifeDeluxe Insurance Plan” and “LifeDeluxe for Future” both offer an abbreviated premium-payment term as short as five years. It offers guaranteed protection that lasts for a lifetime and provides multiple personalized plan options, including Plan Wise that focuses more on savings, and Plan Smart that places a primary focus on life protection. To allow customers to manage their finances better, customers may opt to accumulate the Annual Dividend in their policy to gear up for higher returns, or withdraw it for other uses. Also, customers may exercise the Terminal Bonus Lock-in Option to convert a portion of the Terminal Bonus into Annual Dividend, so that they can either cash out or leave it to accumulate in the policy for higher returns. On top of that, the plans also offer customers extra protections for total peace of mind, including Guaranteed Insurability Option and Special Grace Period for Unemployment, etc. Customers may also enjoy a full spectrum of supplementary benefits at an additional premium.

With the launch of the new products, from now until September 30, successful applicants for “LifeDeluxe Insurance Plan” or “LifeDeluxe for Future” may enjoy a 5% first-year premium discount4. If they also successfully enroll in any of the selected medical insurance plans, the enrolled “LifeDeluxe Insurance Plan” or “LifeDeluxe for Future” policies may also enjoy an extra 5% second-year premium discount4, making a total of up to 10% annualized premium discount.

YF Life Insurance International Limited is a member of publicly listed Yunfeng Financial Group Limited, whose major shareholders include Yunfeng Financial Holdings Limited5 and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company5, one of the “Five Largest US Mutual Life Insurance Companies”6. Leveraging our robust financial background and solid reliability, YF Life is committed to helping customers “own the future” by providing professional and technology-enhanced one-stop risk- and wealth-management consulting services, as well as MPF services.


1.  Based on similar types of plan in the Hong Kong and Macau markets, as of the publishing date of this press release in July 2022.
2.  The projected total internal rate of return is non-guaranteed.
3.  For details of the coverage, please refer to the relevant policy documents.
4.  Subject to relevant terms and conditions.
5.  Yunfeng Financial Holdings Limited and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company have an indirect shareholding in Yunfeng Financial Group Limited.
6.  The “Five Largest US Mutual Life Insurance Companies” is ranked according to the results of “Insurance: Life, Health (Mutual)” on total revenues for 2021, and based on the FORTUNE 500 as published on May 23, 2022.

YF Life launches LifeDeluxe Insurance Plan with coverage for diabetes, the first in Hong Kong and Macau.

YF Life launches LifeDeluxe Insurance Plan with coverage for diabetes, the first in Hong Kong and Macau.

YF Life launches LifeDeluxe for Future, a plan tailored for children.

YF Life launches LifeDeluxe for Future, a plan tailored for children.

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